Coproduction Office is producing and selling internationally daring and engaging award-winning films by directors with a strong personal vision. 


Among the established arthouse sales companies, Coproduction Office handles the smallest slate of films – by choice. It acquires one or two films, with distinctive handwriting, per year.



Founded by Philippe Bober in 1987, Coproduction Office has a reputation for discovering and nurturing new talent: as a producer, Philippe Bober was involved in the early films by Lars von Trier (EUROPA, THE KINGDOM, BREAKING THE WAVES), Lou Ye (SUZHOU RIVER) and Carlos Reygadas (JAPON and BATTLE IN HEAVEN). Philippe Bober is also working since their feature film debuts with Roy Andersson (SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR and YOU THE LIVING), Jessica Hausner (LOVELY RITA, HOTEL and LOURDES), Kornél Mundruczó (PLEASANT DAYS, DELTA and TENDER SON – THE FRANKENSTEIN PROJECT), Ulrich Seidl (DOG DAYS and IMPORT EXPORT), Michelangelo Frammartino (IL DONO and LE QUATTRO VOLTE) or Ruben Östlund (INVOLUNTARY and PLAY).



In addition to the above, among Coproduction Office's international discoveries and top sellers are Takashi Miike’s AUDITION, Thomas Clay’s SOI COWBOY, Antonio Campos’ AFTERSCHOOL, Vincent Patar et Stephane Aubier’s A TOWN CALLED PANIC and two multi-award-winning Romanian films: Cristi Puiu's THE DEATH OF MR LAZARESCU and Corneliu Porumboiu's 12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST (Camera D'or winner Cannes 2006). Ten restored key works by Roberto Rossellini (including Stromboli and Rome, Open City) are also part of the catalogue.