The Rossellini Project

The Rossellini Project is a collaboration between Cinecitta Luce, CSC - Cineteca Nazionale, Cineteca di Bologna and Coproduction Office which will see the enhancement and enrichement of ten of Rosselini key works by all the recents improvements of the newest digital restoration technologies. The first film restored, MACHINE TO KILL BAD PEOPLE (LA MACCHINA AMAZZACATIVI) premiered in Cannes Classics in 2011 and was screened at the Lumière Festival in Lyon (France). The second film of the series INDIA MATRI BHUMI was presented Out of Competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

Ten films, the heart and soul of Rossellini's work, are involved in the Project : ROME, OPEN CITY (Roma città aperta), PAISAN (Paisà), GERMANY YEAR ZERO (Germania anno zero), WAYS OF LOVE (L'Amore), Stromboli (Stromboli terra di Dio), THE MACHINE TO KILL BAD PEOPLE (La macchina ammazzacattivi), JOURNEY TO ITALY (Viaggio in Italia), THE FEAR (La Paura), INDIA MATRI BUHMI, INTERVIEW WITH SALVADORE ALLENDE (Intervista a Salvador Allende : La forza e la ragione).