Director Country First features

Title: Afterschool

Director: Antonio Campos

Country: United States

Year: 2008


Title: Nói Albinói

Director: ​Dagur Kári

Country: Iceland

Year: 2003

Nói Albinói

Title: Stuff and Dough

Director: Cristi Puiu

Country: Romania

Year: 2001

Stuff and Dough

Title: Il Dono

Director: Michelangelo Frammartino

Country: Italy

Year: 2003

Il Dono

Title: Pleasant Days

Director: ​Kornél Mundruczó

Country: Hungary

Year: 2002

Pleasant Days

Title: Aren't You Happy?

Director: Susanne Heinrich

Country: Germany

Year: 2019

Aren't You Happy?

Title: PVC-1

Director: ​Spiros Stathoulopoulos

Country: Colombia

Year: 2007


Title: The Night

Director: Zhou Hao

Country: China

Year: 2014

The Night

Title: Lovely Rita

Director: Jessica Hausner

Country: Austria

Year: 2001

Lovely Rita

Title: Women Without Men

Director: Shirin Neshat

Country: Germany

Year: 2009

Women Without Men

Title: Dog Days

Director: Ulrich Seidl

Country: Austria

Year: 2001

Dog Days